Growth & Product Trials

  • This Corymbia eximia was held within the BoostaBag for three years to trial growth development within the tree itself, and the formation of structural and fibrous roots.
  • It was planted in December 2014 with no stakes attached.
  • All scenarios were different to the normal growing and standard planting procedures to test for growth and root development.
  • As the photo shows, the eximia has had excellent growth establishment, both within the tree itself, caliper development and root structure.

Additional Trial

  • An additional trial was conducted of two Pistacia chinensis planted in front of the nursery office.
  • The tree in the left photo was grown in a hard walled pot and the tree in the right photo was grown in a BoostaBag.
  • Both these trees were planted at the same time in September 2014.
  • Not only is there a visual growth difference after two years, the tree grown in the hard walled pot still has movement within the root plate where the structural roots have not formed.

BoostaBag Root Examination

  • The photos shown are of a root dissection conducted on a Callistemon ‘Kings Park Special’.
  1. This is the root ball after removing the outer layer of media and shows the root development on the exterior of the root ball.
  2. This is of the root ball after the root dissection was completed, you will note the excellent lateral root development both within and on the exterior of the root ball.
  • As these photos show, the root development within the root ball demonstrates the establishment of a fibrous root ball with excellent lateral root development, both within the internal root ball and also the external walls of the root ball.