High Quality Trees - Every Time!

BoostaBag is a proven air pruning container invented to develop a high quality, fibrous root system.

BoostaBag provides full air pruning on all sides of the root ball. The one piece mesh stand, which raises the base a minimum 70mm off the ground, also provides air pruning to the bottom of the rootball.

Hard-walled plastic pots and plastic bags can produce an inferior, low quality tree root system.

Other air pruning systems we’ve trialled previously have split (sides and base), lost media and the roots have transferred through the loss of media into the weed matting.

BoostaBag complies with new Australian Standard AS2303.

AS2303 requires an inspection of the rootball, with girdling/circling roots to be pruned before dispatch.

BoostaBag makes this process easy by simply opening the velcro side walls to inspect the root ball and closing once the inspection is done.

Hard walled pots and other root control bags cannot be opened to view the root ball. Once hard walled pots have been removed the pot is difficult to keep in place when preparing for dispatch.