Product History

The BoostaBag was invented by Colin and Sandra Kramer and has been in development in their nursery Tree Sales since 2011. The air pruning container was created after issues with other container systems (such as containers splitting, manual handling concerns and missing parts) within the nursery brought about the inspiration to develop a new system. The idea was to create a container that was:

  • An air pruning container system on all sides and the base,
  • Easy to fill,
  • Able to be inspected and closed without losing media or disturbing the root system,
  • Easy to carry,
  • Could be easily transported in the container they are grown in to clients when trees are purchased,
  • Easy for the clients to use whilst trees are held in the depots (including manual handling and watering)
  • Easily returned to the nursery once the client has finished planting,
  • Can be washed and sterilised easily so that the BoostaBag can be long lasting and reused multiple times within the nursery,
  • Easily stored without requiring large areas of space.

The Boostabag was developed using materials that demonstrated their ability to handle the weather extremes, the media, fertiliser and watering that the Boostabag is regularly subjected to. Our prototype has been in use in the nursery for five years and shows no sign of deterioration to date.